Saint Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Monastery


Our growing community

Since its establishment in June 2004, the Sisterhood of the Holy Monastery of Saint Paraskevi strives daily to fulfill the vision set by our late founding spiritual Father, Geronda Ephraim.

Geronda Ephraim’s vision was to “let monasteries act as beacons, as Orthodox gathering places, as spiritual oases where Christians will resort to feed, water, and refresh themselves, and to be saved.”

Over time, the monastery has grown both in size and the number of services provided to the growing community. The monastery is currently preparing for the next three critical expansion projects:

  1. Fencing the monastery property and building a proper entrance with an expanded paved parking lot.
  2. Expanding the cemetery and building a Chapel dedicated to the Theotokos.
  3. Building living quarters for the growing sisterhood.

The sisterhood worked with an architectural firm to finalize the plans for these projects. While all three projects are essential, the first two are logistically interconnected and have taken priority. Construction has already started on the first project, the parking lot, and all projects will continue as funds are secured.

Thank you for your support and God bless you!


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